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Friday, September 11, 2015

Our Leader?

Hey All -- Hope you're getting ready for Labor Day Weekend!

Next year's presidential election sure is getting a lot of attention.  Moreso than usual due to the celebrity status it's been granted.

By now, the message of this blog should be apparent.  But as it pertains to Donald Trump, a little clarification is needed.

(1)  Our country is getting closer and closer to another civil war.  We have a government that does not meet the needs of its people, and it's ripe for a change.
(2)  We have people who come this country, most of them for the most valid of reasons, but completely disregard the requirements to become citizens.  This issue can't be ignored, minimized, or swept under the rug because the result is to allow laws to have no meaning.
(3)  We have become weak in the eyes of our adversaries and many of our allies.  This needs to change.

On those issues, Trump is 100% right.  We really do need a stronger leader to "Make America Great Again."

HOWEVER, this blog condemns some of the things Mr. Trump does:
(1)  Megyn Kelly is known for asking tough questions.  Whether her choice to ask Trump about his behavior was right or wrong was a judgment call, but his choice to make the issue personal was unacceptable.  His statements on Twitter to or about Megyn Kelly were juvenile, immature, and unpresidential.  He could have simply explained that he is not concerned with political correctness and that he saw nothing wrong with his prior comments, and ended it.
(2)  Jorge Ramos needs to chill out and get off his high horse.  But using hired muscle to escort him out of the room merely because he's being rude and obnoxious was completely unnecessary, as was telling him to "go back to Univision."  He could have simply refused to engage him until he was ready to do so, or simply elected not to answer his questions.  Ejecting him only backfired on him, and enabled Ramos to go on "The Kelly File" and be treated like a welcomed guest out of knowing sympathy.

Yes, he is leading in the polls.  How could he not be?  It's fun to hear somebody say things we won't because we still believe in respect.  It's entertaining to see someone be a goofball - why do you think the jock/bully types get so much attention below the undergraduate level?  And it's actually fun to hear someone be irreverent when everyone else thinks they need to play it close to the vest.

However, none of that means he will be elected, or that he will be a good president if elected!

This blog will reciprocate the pledge Mr. Trump made to support the eventual Republican nominee, and we will support him if he is nominated.  That being said, we do not condone his bullying behavior, his disrespectful tone, and his undignified manner, no matter how funny it was on The Apprentice.  There is absolutely, positively, no reason to be a bully in order to be an effective leader, and anyone who thinks otherwise has insecurities that we can't remove.