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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bruce Jenner

Hey All.  Hoping this isn't really the last time the Islanders play at the Coliseum this season.  Hopefully being on the brink of elimination will force them to bring their A game!

But the big story is Bruce Jenner's revelation that he always felt that he was meant to be a woman, and that he'll soon be making it official.  This story really got me thinking about how it affects the audience this blog is intended for.

From what I understand, this trans-gender issue has very little to do with being an alpha male or a beta male, nothing at all to do with sexual preference, and everything to do with a lack of identity.  The first pillar of this blog is "I Exist," but it seems that not everyone knows how, or why, they exist, and by extension, who they really are.  Apparently, some people are not too sure about the "I Belong" part either.  If you don't have a strong concept of self, you may try to define yourself by other means that are not necessarily authentic.

Bruced talked about a desire to wear a dress when he was only eight years old.  Women have not always worn dresses, but he obviously saw the women in his young life wearing them before he had this desire.  Accordingly, all he wanted to do was to exchange one set of cultural norms for another, rather than truly defining himself.

The central theme I've touted here is self-actualization.  That means that the highest good is to find, accept, and love yourself as you are.  With all due respect to Bruce Jenner and those who seek to do what he wants to do, this isn't it.

I have posted many times against the dangers of trying to be something that you aren't.  The transgender experience is exactly that.  This practice of changing your gender to cure deep-seeded issues is literally becoming a new, and different person, one that you never were before.   This is the exact opposite of the self-acceptance that I advocate here, which is completely natural and authentic.  Regardless of what modern medicine can do, and how seamless a transition can be, it cannot and does not allow you to become your true and authentic self.

You don't have to be religious about it and say that G-D made you a certain way.  You can just accept that you were created as one gender, and be the best member of that gender that you can possibly be.  Since we are all about rejecting the alphaganda and refusing to be ruled by it, we are also about refusing to be ruled by what is demanded by the other gender too.  An artificial, synthetic, and unnatural attempt to become a different person is simply not the solution to whatever emptiness or confusion there is.  Instead, deep introspection, emboldening yourself, and being the best person that you are, is the answer.



DISCLAIMER:  The above post is not intended to insult, offend, smear, besmirch, belittle, or reject those in the trans-gender community.  It is merely intended to explain why this practice is not good for the beta male community.