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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Against The Empires

Hi All.  Rain cleared up yesterday just in time for fireworks, and my godson was super jazzed for them.  There's something great about watching a kid get that happy over life's everyday joys.

Come to think of it, seeing my godson was honestly the best thing about that barbecue.  But I digress.

This weekend we celebrate Independence Day.  
Besides the fireworks and outdoor cooking, we are reminded that 238 years ago, a fringe political organization got so tired of the atrocities committed by the British Crown against the 13 North American that they were willing to Risk.  Their.  Very.  Lives.  To reject an unjust system and live by their own rules instead.

People forget that the notion of revolting against Britain was an unpopular idea.  It was more comfortable to simply accept life the way it was, as horribly wrong as it was, than to actually make a change for the better.  Not good enough for the patriots though.  They were willing to take the risks that came with scribbling their John Hancocks on that declaration, and they were huge risks.  

That is why we are a free society, but it's also why we're an individualist society and a capitalist society.  We're free to start our own businesses and how successful we are depends in large part on how successful we want to be and how hard we want to work.

This means being a little uncomfortable.  This means not getting things handed to us.  And yes, this means being bold enough to say you have a better idea than "the system."  That's what the Supreme Court recognized in the Hobby Lobby decision, and I agree with it.  No amount of whining over reproductive choice can force a business owner to contravene his or her moral judgment in the name of what is popular.

The central theme of this blog is to remind beta males that they can declare themselves independent from the alphaganda.  They can do what's right for them and not what others conform to doing.  They can re-define how their lives proceed, even if someone else derides or judges their choices, and especially if someone pooh-poohs them for thinking differently.  Given the threat of the caliphate rearing its ugly head, this concept must be reinforced over and over again, until it is defeated.

The Caliphate's goal is similar to the goals that were set by the British Empire, the Nazis, and the Soviet Union.  We cannot allow this goal to be realized.  By the same token, as individuals, we must maintain our own independence, even if it means supporting unpopular ideas or risking negative feedback.  

Don't become subjects of empires ruled by nonsense.  Don't sacrifice your truth just to pander to a crowd.  And NEVER surrender your independence no matter the consequences!