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Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Beta Male Can Survive

Happy Easter to all those celebrating!

Today, Christians celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of a truly remarkable man.  Someone who questioned authority, elected not to be enslaved by rules and regulations, gained a large following, but also attracted a large amount of critics.  

I will not address the issue of his divinity because I'm far more interested in his earthly accomplishments.  He taught people to love and respect one another, and to understand that G-D was far more compassionate, forgiving, and welcoming than others may have said He was.  He was not concerned with selfish gains.  He associated with those that polite society would have called undesirable, and never passed judgment on their faults and misdeeds.  He spoke out and took action against practices that corrupted that which was meant to honor G-D, and was never intimidated by those who could hurt him.

I may be taking an awful risk in saying this, but Jesus one of the greatest beta males who ever lived.  He was strong, but never needed to be violent to gain respect.  He was kind, even to those who were only to used to not receiving kindness.  He refused, no matter what the consequences, to renounce that which he understood to be true.

He was content to never take a wife, or have children.  He was at home turning around others' lives more than being concerned only with his own.  And while his final example is not one that should be encouraged, he was only too willing to die for his cause -- because he actually had a plan B.

The examples that beta males can derive from this man, whether or not we believe him to be divine, are self-explanatory.  We can stand by our principles even if some alphole challenges or threatens us.  We can be kind to those that life has not been kind to.  We can make our voices heard without threats or violence.  We can adopt his peaceful and gentle ways, and we can make this world a better place for having been here.

Obviously, this message is not meant to be confined to any particular faith or creed, since my whole blog is not.  But it is meant to acknowledge that beta males truly can change the world, and to give a concrete historical reference to one who did, and then some.



Once again, Happy Easter to all of those celebrating.