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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Beta Male Inaccuracy

Hi All!

Every man has an arsenal of weapons inside him.  They include, but are not limited to, their intelligence, cunning, higher thinking, sense of humor, determination, and discipline.  They also include their anger, which can fuel the fires enough to enhance and strengthen all of the above traits, and then even more.

However, the anger is the trickiest weapon in the arsenal because it is the most difficult to focus and aim.  And part of the reason why some beta males hopelessly remain beta males is because that weapon is either misdirected, or deactivated when it is most needed.

(1).  Misdirected:

The anger is aimed at targets that are no longer reachable, or possibly no longer in existence.  Yes, we all know, let the past go, blah blah blah, that's the same old song that our adversaries, the "we don't care" crowd, loves singing to us. But without conceding their mantra of apathy mixed with sunshine and rainbows, aiming at a target that you can't even hit is a waste of ammunition.

Per my prior posts, you can only beat your adversaries when you fire your weapons at them while they're still in front of you.  Not by waiting until they leave the room and talking trash about them.  If you do that, they own you.  Not only are you not firing your weapons at them, you're turning them against yourself and imploding!

Yes, it's true that you can build up resistance to your own weapons over time, because you know them better than anyone.  But you still scar yourself in the process.  And sometimes you can get so addicted to doing that because you think it's safer than actually confronting your adversaries.  In the long run, it's more dangerous than anything your adversaries can do, no matter how much resistance you build up, because you're still wasting your ammunition on yourself, leaving yourself depleted.

(2).  Deactivated:

This is why I have a real problem with the "we don't care" crowd.  Countless times in my life, I've looked to members of this crowd to say something to silence my critics or provide some reinforcements (yes, I was wrong to do this, but that's not the point).  All I've gotten out of them was a shrug and a so what.  The fact that these people make themselves laughing stocks, or completely not noticed, is simply not relevant to them, and it comes at a time when they SHOULD be doing something about it!  "It doesn't bother me" is not what you want to hear from a so-called friend.  And if they send you down Apathy Road too many times, guess what?  They are not your friends.  No matter how many times they say that they're not your adversary, or that "I didn't say you were right, but I didn't say you were wrong either," they are your adversary if they do not have your back.  Lose these passive-aggressive pseudo-friends with all deliberate speed.

Don't follow their lead.  Be wise enough to know when you should be aggressive, and when you should pull the trigger, and when you should take action, without being prompted or being taken aside for someone to whisper in your ear.  Don't keep your guns in your holster when they need to be fired!  STAND UP FOR YOURSELF when you need to do so!  It doesn't mean you become an Alpha A-hole!  It means you love yourself more than you hate them!

(3).  Accuracy:

And therein lies the question:  WHEN?

When do you aim and fire, and when don't you?

That's entirely fact-specific, I'm afraid.  Nobody can really give you any hard and fast rules as to when to keep the safety on, and when to shoot to kill, because it all depends on the situation.  Sometimes you just have to choose your battles.  But common sense provides a few guidelines:

(A):  DO fire when your adversary is attacking you, and you know it to be an attack.

(B):  DO fire when there are too many "we don't cares" droning away and doing nothing to contain the problem.

(C):  DO fire if you gave someone a "free pass" last time, and they assume that it's a lifetime free pass.

(D):  DO fire even if the "we don't cares" beg you not to fight after you've been attacked.  And feel free to fire at them too, since they're obviously protecting and trying to enable your adversaries!

(E):  DON'T fire when doing so will not result in a victory, but will only result in job loss or reputation loss.

(F):  DON'T fire when it's too late to do so.  And don't kick yourself even if you did make a mistake in not firing when the target was in range.  Punishing yourself for making a mistake is a stupid-assed thing to do, and it's the same as doing your adversaries' job for them.  Just get past it and get ready for the next time.

(G):  DON'T fire on your real friends.  They're not the "we don't cares," because friends actually do care.

Bottom line, peeps, we have huge strengths and laudable attributes.  The worst thing in the world is not use them when it counts.  The second worst thing in the world we can do is waste them by using them at the wrong times.


That's my song, peeps!  :)