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Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Good Man

Hi All -- It's about that time.  :)

There's a friend of mine who's run into a few circumstances not of his own making, but he's overcoming them.

He's a trial lawyer, and a great one.  He represents criminal defendants in Long Island and New York City, and he takes pride in the work he does.  He can slice and dice through the prosecution's case, show everything that it lacks, and show a jury how the People have not even come close to making their case.  He can expose the complaining witnesses for the frauds they sometimes are, and demonstrate how they should not be deemed credible.

Outside of Court, he's a family man.  He has a wife and two daughters, and is active in his church.

However, it appears that the firm he works for may be seeking to move in a different direction.  While he has demonstrated his ability and obtained favorable results for his clients, his firm is more concerned with keeping its expenses as low as possible.  The proverbial writing is on the wall, and he has read it.

But rather than bemoan these circumstances, curse the hand that is dealing them to him, or rage against the gods, he is taking action.  He is networking with other criminal defense attorneys in this area, and if need be, he is prepared to hang out his own shingle.

It is often said that G-D helps those who help themselves.  Well, this attorney is definitely doing that.  I know he will succeed no matter what because he has always been driven and disciplined.  It was always his dream to become an attorney, he has achieved it, and he is very successful.  I have no doubt that sooner or later, he will be able to compete with his current firm, and become even more successful.  Whatever happens here should have little to no effect on him in the long run.

As has been said before, it's much easier to react than it is to act.  Of course, when bad things have just happened, or are about to happen tomorrow, some reaction is expected.  That's part of being human.  But the key, as this man is already doing, is to stop reacting after the initial shock wears off, and to start thinking and making your next move.  When you're responsible, like he is, you spend the required minimal amount of time stating the obvious, that the situation sucks, and a LOT MORE TIME making a better situation.  Thinking this way gets his family behind him.  And gets a nod from one of his friends who happens to blog . . . and that would be me!

So, peeps, let this guy serve as an example for all of us.  He is putting the Four Pillars into practice, because he has earned respect, since he exists, matters, and belongs, and he deserves success.  And since his current situation is not providing him with what he deserves, it could be said that he is being granted a favor, because now he can build his own success without being constrained and confined by the surroundings that they erected around him.  There's no limit to how high he'll reach!


NOTE:  The subject of this blog post, while anonymous, has granted me his consent to post about his situation.