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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Don't Let Them

Hi All.  :)

(1)  You state your case, and set your position.  They're still not satisfied.
Phony intellectuals raise objections to your respectful entreaty.
Eyes start rolling, hustling commences, can't you just drop it?
We don't have all day to hear this, let's just make a deal and move on.

(2)  Tongues start wagging about obligations and frustration spews up and out.
Comparisons are made to those who play easy, and drop their weapons at once when asked.
Pontification reigns, arrogance oozes, threats are issued, fingers are pointed.
Time is running short, you're making an issue, your argument's nothing but a waste of time.

That's their problem.

(3)  You have the facts and you know the rules, you have the evidence and the record is made.
They cluck their tongues and rely on presumptions, they disregard the obvious and irrefutable.
They expect the world as they demand it, tied up in a bow with a Hallmark card,
And when they receive it that often, it becomes business as usual, expected and inevitable.

(4)  Yes, you can prepare for and stop the onslaught, and stop the bleeding from the gaping wound.
And sure you can explain that all could be lost, and that it's better to make peace than lose a battle.
But sometimes the battle is meant to be fought, and sometimes a statement needs to be made.
And sometimes the sneers and catcalls and arrogance fail to drown out what's underneath them all.

(5)  So if you pull out all the stops and hit all your notes, and it falls on deaf ears despite it all,
Be proud of the record that you created, as a higher authority may be more attuned.
And maybe, or possibly, perhaps or perchance, you may score a direct hit,
And spoiled children will wail and scream in horror at the concept of unmet desires.

It's OK to believe you can win.  And it's also OK to win, too.


(A)  I'm aware that it doesn't rhyme.
(B)  I'm also aware that the rhythm is slightly off.  I was on a roll anyway.
(C)  If you want to know what my underlying meaning here is, please ask me.  Don't assume.