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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Who's On Your Team?

Good evening, good evening all:

The Stanley Cup playoffs are in full swing. No, my beloved Islanders are not in it, but that's being offset by the other two New York area teams on the brink of getting bounced out of the first round. When being taunted by fans of those franchises, I often query which is worse -- not making the playoffs at all, or getting there and losing horribly?

But when I think about hockey, I think about how much of a team sport it really is. Not like basketball, where just one player can dominate the game, and not like baseball or football, where there are too many scenarios where just one player can win it, or lose it, all.   In hockey, teams win or lose based on how they function as a singular unit.   Which line is best for the power play?   Which one is best for penalty killing?   Who's forechecking better, or cross-checking harder?   And who can protect others from the "goons" and "enforcers?"   And, oh yeah, who can actually score some goals, and who's good with assists?

So, who's on your team?   Is there someone you can pass to?   Is there someone tough on defense?   Is there someone who brings confidence to the dressing room and brings your game to the next level?

Or is there someone who causes too much drama? Someone who tries to look better than you? Someone who exploits your weaknesses, erodes your confidence, and gives you pause to leave the team, or demand that they leave?

Take a look around at your own "teammates." This includes family, friends, co-workers, you name it. Who's on your team?   Is someone treating you more like an enemy than a friend?   Is someone going out of their way to one-up you all the time?   Is someone making you feel less like a teammate and more like the water boy/girl?

News flash, rook.   You're not just a player on your team, you're also the coach.   And the GM, and the president/CEO.   If you can see that someone in your life is not a team player, you can trade them.   Real easy-like.   For a draft pick, for minor-league prospects, or better yet for someone who doesn't desperately need to put others down in order to be satisfied with life.

Why bother keeping them? A winning team is made of winners, not cheaters, posers, or time-wasters. You can give them a few chances, just to be fair, if that's your team. After that, if they think it's a lot more fun to play games than it is to play your game, then cut them.  Please!  Your true fans will be clamoring that "_____ MUST GO!"  And once you listen to them, you're on your way to the Cup!

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