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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Revisiting Old Surroundings

It's often said that one way to relieve stress and get re-centered, other than the perfect and primary solution of running, is to visit places that you're familiar with. 

When I was younger, and still lived at home during law school, I would sometimes take a walk by myself on a Sunday afternoon and venture up to the old high school track.  There was nobody around, as the building was closed, but I would just walk around the area and soak up the memories.  That was where I had those annoying classes, that was where I asked that girl out in that geeky, unsure, nice-guy way I had.  And THAT, over there, was the auditorium.  That was where I acted in all those drama club plays, and was happy.  In fact, that was where I was the happiest -- nothing could shake me, nothing could faze me, and nothing could bring me down back then!

Since then, I've moved a far distance from my home town, but I sometimes visit.  And when I do, it's good to visit some of the old stomping grounds.  Just being near some of those old sites brings back old, comfortable feelings.  Yes, I may have traveled and advanced pretty far from there, but there's always been a refreshing feeling from re-visiting those places.  In a way, it's like visiting a sanctuary or a shrine -- from the old familiar feelings of the past, there can be a spiritual replenishment and a restoration of happiness.

Of course, this was before I discovered the secret of running.  Nowadays, it provides me with this sanctuary on a regular basis.  However, visiting the old neighborhood can sometimes provide that feeling on an even larger and more personal scale.

Next stop?  This summer I'd like to take a road trip to visit my old college town.  Anyone going up to Oswego for the reunion?