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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yes, They Can Be Punished!

Gentlemen, victory is ours once again!

When I say "ours," of course, I'm speaking of those who represent us, that being the leader of our country and those who show extreme levels of courage to protect us.  Regardless of what our friends, the conspiracy nut-jobs, have to say, it has now been accepted that Osama bin Laden IS DEAD.

What does this prove for us?  That those who would intimidate us through hateful speech and death-loving activities DON'T GET AWAY WITH IT THEIR WHOLE LIVES.  Eventually, THEY REALLY DO FACE CONSEQUENCES.  That THEY DON'T OWN THIS WORLD, AND THEY DON'T GET TO HAVE THEIR WAY WITH THE REST OF US.

Let this be a lesson to the mini-gangsters and misguided rejects that espoused his hateful ways -- no matter how much you lionize this King of Fools, no matter how badly you'll try to avenge him, and no matter what you try to do to this country, you will, REPEAT, WILL, face consequences for your actions.  In fact, because our country knows you're going to try to get more bloodthirsty with us, we've already stepped up efforts to catch you in the act and knock you out!

And what does this mean for the rest of us who feel terrorized by more domestic fanatics?  DON'T be.  They are not gods, they are not supermen/superwomen, they are not above you.  They may have gotten away with their own terrorist activities for most of their lives (because too many people wanted to appease them, just like the 'Sama Mama over there), but that is NOT a guarantee that it continues.  People terrorize others because they've been granted permission to do so -- but THAT PERMISSION IS NOT A LIFETIME FREE PASS!  It can be withdrawn, revoked, and invalidated, and they CAN face their just desserts as a result!

As a personal aside, someone I know quite well recently tried to intimidate me against continuing this blog.  This individual did not try to respectfully disagree with the merits of my posts with me, but instead raised his/her voice in a menacing fashion and told me that nobody wanted to listen to what I had to say, and that my opinion was worthless.  Rather than take it personally and get into a screaming match, I told this person that I had every right to my opinion, and that I had valid grounds to support it.  However, at the mere mention of anything that did not agree with this person's opinion, this person merely cut me off, because this is how he/she was permitted to behave for his/her entire life span.  Sad, isn't it?  I took the high road, though I didn't like the way that it felt.  Nonetheless, I can't be intimidated against posting -- what kind of an example would I be setting? 

Moreover, now that Captain Terrorist has faced his final consequences, I'm more emboldened than ever to continue this good work.  He didn't get away with it forever -- why should I think that my attacker will?  This blog, and its companion, will continue for as long as I see fit, I promise you!

DISCLAIMER:  The above opinion does not support murder or terrorism in any fashion.  Other than government-endorsed military activity and self-defense, homicide remains a crime.

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