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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Finallly . . . The Rock Has Come Back!

At a wedding I attended last night, my friend brought something to my attention that I was not aware of previously.  Having recently gotten married and been very focused on my job, I'd left behind a guilty pleasure of mine -- pro wrestling.  I mostly watched it for the story lines, and the characters, and one of the best characters ever created in the WWE was in the process of making a triumphant return!  For those who missed it, please go to YouTube -- it's like your 5-minute jolt of ego!

It made me think -- when I was growing up back in the Hulk Hogan days, I would watch wrestling all the time.  Not because of the moves and the competition, but because of the characters!  And the catch-phrases!  They were so flipping funny!!!!!

Years later, the Rock was no exception!  He had his moves, like the People's Elbow and the Rock Bottom, but he had the words for every occasion.  He always referred to himself in the third person, called lesser-talented wrestlers "jabroni," and always had the greatest lines to electrify the crowd!

So what can a former, and now current, professional wrestler and Hollywood star offer to men and boys with low self-esteem?  Hopefully, an improvement!

In no way would I expect someone to "talk smack" like the Rock as a way of resolving confrontations, or to show off his moves, for that matter.  But his character does teach us that when challenged, sometimes we need to show some backbone and stand up for ourselves -- reciting the Four Pillars is still an excellent way to start, but maybe playing a few of the Rock's videos on YouTube would be an excellent reinforcement!

I've said before that men and boys with low self-esteem need to be surrounded by positive affirmations.  Well, what "the Rock says" tends to consist of disses and insults aimed at his opponents.  But try to repeat just one of his rants to yourself in front of the mirror and see if you don't bust up laughing!  Come on, we all know it feels good to tell someone to "know your role and shut your mouth," otherwise you'll turn something sideways and shove it . . . I'll let the Great One finish that for you, LOL!

Sometimes these positive affirmations must come from within, if not from someone else.  if you need an extra boost, then recite the Four Pillars, and then repeat, word for word, what the Rock recently said about John Cena.  If need be, repeat it along with the YouTube so you can hear the audience in the background!  Not only will you be reinforcing your self-image, you'll also be cracking yourself up at the notion of a 6'5 gentleman full of hilarious quotes and catch-phrases "electrifying" his audience. 

Not that you should go around telling your loved ones that you are the "People's Champion."  They might think you've turned socialist, and it's a tad over the top.  But sometimes if you aim over the top, you might actually reach a healthy increase in your self-image!  And the belly laughs that I've always experienced whenever the Rock raised his eyebrow definitely make it worth your while!

So guys, don't be afraid to add some funny to your increase in self-worth and self-image.  If you smellllll . . . what this blogger is cookin'!