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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Starting Over

Hey All!  This week we celebrate the New Year of the Jewish Calendar.  Makes me realize a few things:

When I was younger, I was one of those kids who actually liked learning about my religion.  I took to it really well, made my relatives proud on my Bar Mitzvah day, and gained a very large understanding of topics not everyone thought about.

The only problem was the swelled head I got.  Even though what I was learning about would be considered positive and wholesome, I became arrogant.  I'd look at everyone else who wasn't as knowledgeable as I was and think that they were beneath me.  I'd get upset at people who didn't love the services as much as I did, and I had nothing kind to say to those who were not religious.  Bottom line, a large part of this religious awakening included a huge amount of anger towards those who did not believe or practice like me.

Fortunately for me, I had parents who were not afraid to hold me in check and refused to tolerate this kind of behavior.  Because of that, this anger eventually stopped.

Today, I am far less religious.  With all due respect to the traditions of my religion and ethnic group, I think I'm a lot better off.  I'm a lot more likely to not notice or care that others' religious beliefs or practices are different from mine, or non-existent.  Compared to how I was, that's a huge giant step.

Believe it or not, but we Betas are very likely to harbor just as much anger at "the rest of them," albeit for very different reasons.  But whether that anger is justified or not, if it can't be used for constructive and pro-active purposes, as opposed to cutting others down and slandering their names, it needs to be held in check.  If you don't have parents around to hold it in check for you, then start doing it yourself.  You'll also be better off in spades.

Nothing you do, perform, or believe is worth it if it makes you intolerant.  That's the alpholes' province, and not ours.  It'll burn you out from the inside.

"Ummmm, Daaaaaave?"  Yup, saw you coming.

The theme of this blog is to be vigilant towards the alpholes, and to inoculate ourselves against the disease of self-loathing that they spew.  It is not be intolerant towards them as people.  By all means, make yourselves Bold and Bulletproof when confronted with what they do, but don't hate them.  Understand that not everyone had our upbringing, as referenced above, and don't try to judge them by our yardstick.  Just keep walking your path, and don't be deterred by those who aren't.