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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Passing The Test?

Hey All -- it's Sunday.  And while I watch my beloved Jets close out the first half far behind, here is my take on the weekly portion.

At this point, Isaac's mother, Sarah, dies after a long and full life, and Abraham obtains a choice burial plot for her.  With her passing, Abraham sends his servant to find a Canaanite wife for Isaac and bring her back to Hebron for him to marry her.

And how does he know she's the One?  He prays to G-D that if he asks her for water, she'll offer to give water not only to him, but to his thirsty camels that brought him this far.  And lo and behold, she does exactly that!

How neat would that be if that could always happen?  You pray for someone who says the right thing at the right time, and it happens!  If and only if we could just ask for a woman who could be that way, and have her that way!

Don't get the wrong idea, I mean nothing perverted by that . . . I'm talking about the kindness that Rebecca showed when Abraham's servant came calling.  Water was a precious resource at that time, and she's actually offering him more!  Who else does that, huh?

Well, chances are that the selection process didn't just mean someone willing to give more water -- maybe it's the kindness aspect that was sought after even more.  As you can see from the last three or four Bible selections I've reviewed, not a lot of kindness was being exhibited in this family.  There was plenty of animosity, a lot of rivalry, a good chunk of pettiness, and an extreme lack of action where there should have been some.  This was obviously a search for someone to make a real change -- to bring respect where there wasn't much before, to bring joy where there was anger, and to bring comfort where there was mistrust,

In other words . . . now THAT'S a lady!

Gentlemen, it ain't that easy to find her.  We need further dimensions to be fulfilled besides kindness, without minimizing that quality.  And the chance of anyone perfectly satisfying every level is slim and none.  However, there is someone for everyone, I'm convinced of that.  It might not be who you think it is, and the fact that they're "for you" doesn't guarantee a lifetime of happiness.  Of even that SHE'LL be around forever.  But she does exist.  And rather than being exactly the way you want her to be, chances are she could be even better!

And since this Bible portion does not even address the other Canaanite honeys who didn't make the cut, have the same focus.  Don't lament and bemoan those who just aren't "for you," and never hold grudges against those who think you're not for them.  Just focus on the one who is for you, and knows that you're for her.

Just hold out hope.  You won't have to cross a desert to find her, and you won't have to have rigid demands.  Just think about what you'd like to see most in a woman, and more likely than not, she'll quench your thirst.

Had to work for that one . . .  unlike the Jets!  :)