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Sunday, July 8, 2012

What's Next?

Hey All:

Now that another July 4th has passed, we take with us the ideas of freedom, liberty, and independence.  Since this is an election year, depending on which presidential candidate you support, those three words may take on slightly different meanings, but they are no less relevant to our lives in general.

So what type of liberty, freedom, and independence are you seeking?  Maybe a new job?  Maybe quitting a job to make it on your own?  Maybe a better relationship?  Or maybe just some alone time?

Well, before you start planning how to attack these laudable goals, you need to detach yourself from whatever you're leaving and face forward towards whatever comes next.  No looking back over your shoulder, no post-morteming whatever moves you made or didn't make back then, and no, ABSOLUTELY NO second-guessing, no matter what!

To truly change the present and look towards the future, you need to forget the past.  Not like all the Hebrews who whined to Moses about how much better they had it in Egypt.  Leaving that job behind, and worried what they'll say about you behind your back?  LET them say it, you're gone!  Who cares?  Worrying if you should have stayed with the relationship, even if you weren't happy?  If you weren't happy, then you should have left that relationship already!

Now's the time to move forward, not backwards.  Maybe you've got a super business idea and feel just courageous enough to jump in with both feet and make it work.  Maybe you've got a better idea for your life that involves a certain amount of choices and input from you.  If that's where you're at, what are you gaining by looking backwards and rehashing history?

Whatever happened happened, and whatever will happened isn't here yet.  Races only run in one direction, from start to finish, and I have YET to see a well-respected runner turn around and start making his way back to the starting line!  Move FORWARD ONLY.

Tomorrow is Monday.  Make it a good one!