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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Your Own True Self

Hey All!

We've recently heard at least two stories involving people who sought to essentially be people they weren't.  I think I've had enough of that, and I'll present the Bold Betas take on it all.

(1).  We all have temporal characteristics and immutable characteristics.  

(2).  The temporal characteristics are our thoughts, passions, opinions, and overall maturity level.  It is expected that these traits change as we grow, learn, and reach self-actualization.

(3).  The immutable characteristics are those that define us are those meant to remain constant before and after self-actualization.  Growing and learning cannot alter them - rather, growing and learning only make those characteristics stronger.

(4).  Some think that these immutable characteristics are somehow optional, and can be altered at any time.  They are sadly mistaken.

(5).  We are the human race.  By definition, we are all made distinct, discrete, and unique.  We have many different nationalities, several distinct cultures, and two genders.

(6).  Without mocking those who produce and create science fiction, the human race simply can't be anything else.  We were never meant to be one uniform group of all one nationality or culture, and it goes against our very being to be only one gender.

(7).  You are not becoming your own true self if you are thinking of altering any of these immutable characteristics.  You are destroying your own true self.  There is nothing brave, courageous, open-minded, tolerant, or accepting about doing so.

To be a Bold Beta is not to negate masculinity.  Not by a long shot.  It is to embrace the type of masculinity that is not governed by the alphaganda, rejects the "might makes right" way of living that others assume to be the only way, and to play up to those strengths that the alphaganda minimizes.  Nowhere among these pages has there been a suggestion that a Bold Beta male become a woman.  Nowhere has there been a suggestion that a woman become a man if she's unhappy being a woman.

And nowhere, for any reason, has there been a discussion of race on this blog.  Nor will there ever be.

If you find yourself to be uncommon compared to other members of your faith, stripe, or club, embrace that uncommon-ness.  That means being who you are, and not being who you are not.

I have now concluded my discussion of this subject. 

DISCLAIMER:  The above post does not insult, smear, besmirch, slander, belittle, or otherwise disrespect anyone who has already chosen to make such a transformation.  It merely points out the fact that this type of transformation is the wrong move to make, and serves as an admonition to this blog's audience to never even consider it.