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Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Disease of Schadenfreude

Hi All -- don't usually throw around a lot of ten-dollar words, but this one popped up, so it gets the title of this post.

Recently, I was at a friend's home where MTV was on.  Remember MTV, once known as Music Television?  Meaning that they played, you know, music videos?

Times change.  Now they had on a show called "Ridiculousness."  Essentially, it's "Jackass" repackaged and regurgitated.  They present videos of people attempting to perform crazy stunts that go horribly awry.  Consciousness is lost, bodies bounce, and unimaginable damage is done to internal and external organs.  Even babies and old women are caught getting "popped" somehow.  The studio audience, encouraged by a too-cool host and a former Playboy Playmate, laugh out loud at others' misfortune.

It wasn't my house, or my TV, and it's not my place to whine and complain.  I did, however, observe that if I had 15 minutes of fame, I'd rather spend it doing something I was proud of, and not something that would leave me this embarrassed.

Ask yourselves, is this something you really need to see?  Once you get past Beavis' and Butthead's chronological ages, is this useful?  Is this positive?  Does this help anyone?  Would you want your kids watching this?  Better yet, would you want your kids on this show?!?

I should say not.  This blog stands for empowerment of those who need it, and not ridicule.  It stands for wearing one's strong suit, and not exposing one's most embarrassing mistakes.  And most importantly, it stands for embracing and respecting men for their worth, and not pointing fingers and laughing at their lowest moments.

I do not believe in censorship, of course.  If this show is good for the network, brings in revenue, and enough of these people watch it, then good.  Have a ball.  But there's no way I'd watch that garbage willingly.  And I certainly wouldn't encourage the beta males that I write for to watch it either.

Men like us need more constructive things to watch than that.  Let's make better choices.