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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Always a Complaint

Complaining - it's just too damn easy.  Some people will look for and find reasons to bad mouth, malign, or whine over damn near everything.

Case and point, the fans of my beloved Islanders.  Last night, as a preseason exhibition, they played the Devils at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, which will be their new home beginning with the 2015-16 season.  How awesome, right?  A peek at the Isles' future home, an improvement over the "old barn," better known as Nassau Coliseum!  Super snazzy jazzy!

Or so we'd think...

What did people post/tweet about?  Oh, this place is no good.  Oh, I hated commuting on the LIRR to get there.  Oh, it's too small.  Oh, the line in the bathroom was too long.

Stop.  Just stop.  Please.

Here's the deal.

(1).  It was either this, or watch this franchise pack up the plantation and move to Kansas City.  Or Quebec.  Or somewhere in Suffolk County!  You guys prefer those options instead?

(2).  The place was constructed for basketball, and only basketball.  By the time SOMEBODY woke up and thought about moving the Islanders there, construction was completed.  If you wanted them to build a bigger arena for both teams, then you should've spoken up a LOT sooner.  Noah built the ark BEFORE it started raining, not when everyone started complaining about the weather, ya dig?

(3).  Dear voters of Nassau County:  who exactly told you to vote no, and why did you listen?  You could have not only kept the Isles on Hempstead Turnpike, but given them a renovated and remodeled Coliseum, and a whole sports complex around it that would have been an even greater attraction than Jones Beach and the East End combined!  

But you made your choice instead.  You knew full well that Wang would move the team if things didn't change, but you didn't care.  You still want to follow this team?  Then you'll just have to accept this arrangement as it is.

I mean, complaining about the train? More than half of you take it every morning at 7am to Penn Station - are you not used to it?  And you can't tell me you've never taken it for Rangers or Devils games. 

The moral of the story, friends & neighbors, is this:  sometimes consequences result from our actions or inactions.  When they do, we can (a) fix them, if it's possible to do so, or we can (b) just accept them, if there's nothing else we can do about them.  But we have NO RIGHT to complain about something that we caused or allowed to happen.  If Nassau County did not want to hold onto a team that represented it for 40+ years, then it cannot lament the perceived shortcomings of the resulting situation.

Whew!  Got fired up this time - maybe I should do Boomer & Carton once or twice, huh?  Just kidding, peeps.

By the way, congrats to everyone who ran the 5th Avenue Mile today.  Enjoy the Emmys!