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Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Unexpected

Hey All --

Big shout out to my new friends on Twitter, you're hopefully gonna be reading a little more of me.

This week, my routine was unexpectedly disrupted.  While running in Forest Park, as I like to do on a Tuesday morning, I tripped on a crack in the sidewalk (I'll explain the whole geography later), and went sprawling.  Walked away with standard "little kid" injuries, meaning scraped knees and scraped up palms of my hands, but not before asking, "Really?  REALLY?"  Saw my right knee turn black and blue, thought the better of trying again the next day.

Now these injuries were not exactly disabling, but obviously I needed to not run for a few days to a week, just to make sure my knee was OK.  And that's no fun for me -- running is my automatic stress-reliever/fat burner/meditation session, and without it, your friendly neighborhood blogger isn't as cool and casual as he usually is.

Although this was certainly not the end of the world, many of us are just lost when our routines are disrupted.  What now?  How do I deal?  Am I supposed to just eat this?

Well, as much as we like to take control over our lives, there is a large portion of our lives that is well beyond our control.  And as natural as it does feel to piss and moan about how illogical, ridiculous, arbitrary, capricious, and yes, painful it all us, that does nothing to fix it.

So what can we do when we're stuck that way?

(1) Be patient.  Once we've determined that the simple act of getting angry and demanding our way doesn't get us the desired results, we can stop doing it, and just accept where we are.
(2) Temporarily embrace our status until we're able to act.
(3) When we ARE able to do something, do it.

Now that it's been nearly a week, my knee is just about better.  Maybe I'll try an easy run Tuesday morning, just to make sure that it's nothing more than a bruise.  Shame on me for telling people how lucky I was to be injury-free.  Hmmmmm.

Oh well -- time to hit the sack, another exciting week awaits.  Night all!