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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Choose 'Em Wisely . . . .

Hey All.

A theme I'd like to revisit is the issue of who we allow into our lives.  Yes, I've been dealing with the dark side of that aspect, namely ejecting, or better yet rejecting, those who don't deserve to be in our lives.  But what about those who've proved themselves worthy for admission?

It's always helpful to have a list of the qualities that you don't want, but once that process of elimination is over and you've thinned the ranks, what are the qualities that you do want?

Someone who makes you crack up laughing, and laughs at (most of) your jokes?  Someone who might be different from you, but makes an effort to understand, or takes an interest in, your things?  Someone who inspires you to be even more of yourself -- and I don't mean ditching the running and eating too much take-out!  Someone who you just gotta see, talk to, and be around, just because they're them?

Those are merely a few suggestions.  Some other criteria of mine -- someone who doesn't mind hearing catch-phrases repeated frequently, is open to random goofiness, and is open to sharing hopes, fears, worries, and stresses without dismissing them or minimizing them, but by just resolving them in some way instead.  Someone who is quicker to praise than to criticize, and can temper honesty with a sense of understanding and respect.

What are yours?  There can be a thousand of them or only a few, but you gotta have them.  And some you may be willing to selectively not enforce, but you better stick to your guns on most of them!  You can create your brain trust, your sounding board, your Rat Pack -- and if you're lucky, one of them might occupy a special role in your life that trumps all the rest of them.

So, without revealing the underlying reason for this post, and leaving you all to withstand the mystery and suspense, I suggest that you choose very carefully who gets to be close to you.  Not everyone can just walk right in and assume their place, you know!

G'night, all!