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Saturday, March 30, 2013

It Only Looks Like The End Of The World

Hey All:

While I'm still in the middle of my own traditions, many people will be observing Easter Sunday tomorrow.  Although this is not a tradition of mine, common knowledge tells me that it commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

As a little treat for all my long-time readers, I've reached back into the MySpace archives, and resuscitated this little scribble from 2008 (with a few edits):

Many questions have been raised about these events in the past few years, especially in a movie directed by Mel Gibson and a book written by Dan Brown.  But rather than discuss them, we only need remember this -- for every loss we suffer and every hit we take, there is always the seed for a new life, a new fortune, and a new beginning. 

For example, my father once commented that there should always be a baby at every funeral.  I still remember that at every funeral we attended as a family, there would always be a grieving widow or great-aunt, and my father would always come over to that mourner and point her in the direction of the newborn baby someone else would always be holding.  That way, he would comfort the grief-stricken by reminding them that even though one life ends, there is always a new one beginning. 

I am not in a position to provide a lot of knowledge or insight into the events that Good Friday and Easter Sunday are based upon.  I can, however, note that even the most tragic and heart-wrenching events of human existence usually signaled the beginning of some of the most joyful and beautiful events.  After the attack of September 11, 2001, Americans reached out to each other with nothing less than love and compassion, and our respect for one another reached new heights.  After the Holocaust, the State of Israel was established.  And after the MLB players’ strike of 1994 threatened to destroy the sport of baseball, the New York Yankees built a dynasty that would dominate the Major Leagues for the next several years!

So everybody, no matter what holiday was yours to celebrate this year, let’s keep the fires of faith and understanding burning.  

Just to add a riff on this theme -- don't be so quick to pack it in.  The story of the Easter miracle shows that even when it seems like it's over, sometimes it's not.  Even when it seems like the game is already lost, there is still an opening for a win.  Even when it seems like there's no way out, sometimes there still is.  

Just find it.  It's there for the taking.  Just as long as you don't throw up your hands in defeat prematurely.

Happy Easter to all those celebrating tomorrow.  May those who sow in tears reap in joy, may those who have lost eventually gain, and may those who have erred in bad judgment learn and mature from their mistakes.

And kids, go easy on the chocolate!