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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Time To Make Tha Donuts!

Good Evening, All!

Yes, the New Year is under way.  Starting tomorrow, January 2, is the STAMPEEEEEDE many of us experience at work.  No more easy, quiet days, now we're back in business again.

This is where many of us start treating today like any Sunday night -- batten down the hatches, and go to sleep dreading what awaits us tomorrow.

In the words of Alex Trebek, "ohhh, I'm saw-ry, that is INcorrect."

If you want to prepare yourself, that's decent.  For those of us who are dedicated, loyal, and solution oriented, may I recommend:

(1)  Get there early.  I'm talking 6:30-7am, if your business normally opens at 9.  Concentrate, analyze, and be proud of the fact that you're getting a few things done ahead of time before everything gets crazy.
(2)  Don't think about how many days you have until Friday.  Yes, this is a shortened week, but if you handle tomorrow like Monday, you'll be going full steam ahead.
(3)  Remove all holiday decorations, joke pictures, and any and all distracting elements from your office, and encourage your co-workers to do likewise.  It's back to work time, and all the holiday goofiness and tomfoolery has now been rendered obsolete.

Why dread it?  It's your job.  It's how you earn a living.  It's what puts you miles ahead of people who are still left in the lurch due to this ridiculous economy.  Don't just do the bare minimum and watch the clock.  Make something HAPPEN.

If there are things within your control that you can do to improve it, now is probably an excellent time to get cracking.  If there are things that are not within your control that you feel need improvement, talk to someone that you trust about it, without griping and whining, and see if someone who can control it is receptive to suggestions.  There should be no reason to feel dissatisfied or unfulfilled, because the fact that you have that job means that someone thinks you're important, and expects important things from you.  Confirm their expectations.

So your friendly neighborhood blogger is hitting the sack early tonight because he's doing what he suggested above -- Happy New Year once again, and may you all have a happy and successful 2013, with emphasis on the successful!

PS -- for those of us geared towards endurance athletics, the Donuts suggestion was not meant to be taken literally!  :)

PPS -- ain't saying no to hot chocolate, though -- it's cold outside!