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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Aw Dammit -- Now What?!?!?

Many of us find ourselves in uncomfortable situations, sometimes not our fault, sometimes of our own making.  The normal tendency for many of us is to flip out like George Costanza because he didn't get things his way.

However, the better approach might be this:

(1)  After the initial annoyance, frustration, and indignation has occurred, contain that stuff.  You don't have an adversary to explode onto, and nobody will be impressed.  Keep it together.
(2)  If you think somebody can help you out, go directly to, or call, that person.  And don't get pissy if it takes them longer than two seconds, as they do not work for you.
(3)  If nobody else can help you out, use your judgment.  Check your surroundings, get your bearings, and just think.  Outside the box, if necessary.  Without creature comforts, if necessary.  Point being, just find something.

Last, and not least, don't allow people to second-guess whatever you did or didn't do.

Annoying Comment:  Whyyyyy did you do this?   Whyyyyyy didn't you do that?

Smooth Response:  Ummmm, yeahhhh, not really the answer we're looking for.  The correct answer was "Oh man, that was a real drag.  Good thing you were cool-headed and found a way to get out of that one -- I wish I'd done that!"  Let's try that one again.

Annoying Comment:  IIIIIIIIIIIIII would've done this, and IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII would've done that!

Smooth Response:  I congratulate you on your intellectual fortitude-- should we both be in that kind of sticky situation, I will defer entirely to you, and your clearly superior intellect!

Better Response:  Coughing while saying "bull----."

Annoying Comment:  You should never have done that!

Smooth Response:  Really?  Damn, I was all set to do it again tomorrow!

Point being, keeping your head is key when the unexpected happens.  Granted, as I know, and my running friends know, that runners high after a long one usually prevents the adult tantrums we might otherwise throw.  But if you find yourself going up the creek without a paddle without having first cleansed yourself, just slowwwww everything down.  Breathe deep, move slower, and think clearly.

Peeps, I've been remiss with these posts, and I apologize for my lethargy, but I'm back on track.  Have another exciting week!