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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Form and The Fog

Hey All -- wasn't around Sunday night, I was busy doing other things.  However, as a very close friend of mine gently reminded me recently, sometimes it's good to shake things up a little.  :)

There are two groups of extremists who are doomed to failure.  The first group is of those who will only follow the letter of the law, only do as they're told, and refuse to think, reason, surmise, or even guess what is beyond that which is required.  The second group is of those who just let everything go, never show the slightest concern when urgency is needed, expect life to resolve itself without any contribution on their part, and simply, as another close friend of mine put it, "don't give a flyin' fig."

They both SUCK.  They both RUIN things.  And YOU must never be a member of either group!

Members of the first group inevitably find themselves in positions of authority, because they loooooooooooove telling other people what to do.  And sometime in the past, some foolio convinced these people that as long as they spoke in a loud, obnoxious voice and demanded that people do what they wanted, or else, then they'd get respect.  And since them, some even worse foolios proved that first foolio right!  

What's worse as that these types may have been annointed to high stations that cloak them with immunity and impunity, and grant them undeserved authority.  Accordingly, we must be cautious around these types, lest they wreak havoc upon us.  But that doesn't mean we should be afraid of them.  We're able to think beyond "the rules," to use "the rules" to our advantage, to read between the lines of those rules, to give the rules new meanings, and sometimes supersede these glorified camp counselors and maybe, just maybe, change the rules.  

All they can do is blindly follow the rules.  Nice life, jabroni.

And then there's the second group.  These ones just aimlessly tumble through life with no direction, no purpose, no ambition, no desire, and nothing to offer the world.  They are sublimely content with having their major decisions made by others, without a thought to what their lives mean.  While the rest of us responsible types must always be sure that our immediate needs are taken care of, and that every decision is made with a degree of thought, these foolios wander through life "dazed and confused," but always prevented from failing due to the undeserved intervention of those enablers who keep them in a perpetual state of being "saved by the bell."

All they can do is exist.  What's the point?

We all know people like this.  Chances are, we may have been like one of these two extremes, and then woke up and stopped.  But if there's any hope for a life that will be lived by the Four Pillars, in which you Exist, Matter, Belong, and Deserve, you'd better stay out of both camps as much as possible!

You must also Think and Focus.  That doesn't mean you obsess and become anal rententive.  It doesn't mean you freak out over the smallest issue and make everything a problem.  It means you become independent and free-thinking, and that you also don't allow your thoughts to be slowed by distractions or lethargy.

So don't just exist in a fog, and don't just spend your life doing as you're told.  You don't have the luxury.

And let those two extremes handle life their way -- ironically, the members of one camp almost always marry those in the other.  Go Figure!

Have a great night everyone!

Also as a side note, there's a close friend of mine organizing a Breast Cancer walk-a-thon for this weekend.  With that close friend's permission, I'd like to include her link on the blog.  I await that person's permission before doing so.