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Sunday, June 10, 2012

On To Summer!

Hey All --

This was a nice weekend in NYC -- Round 1 of the Subway Series was this weekend, and my beloved Yankees swept it!  Also, those NJ Devils came this close to being swept in the Stanley Cup Finals by the LA Kings!

This one might seem a little bit early, but before you know it, summer will be upon us.  The kids will be out of school, and possibly on their way to camp.  Half the college kids we know will take summer jobs that involve the option of fries on the side, and the other half will be seeking internships to allow them to ride above the storm of unemployment once they graduate.  And for those of us "grown-ups" who have jobs and/or careers, there's a perfect chance for a summer getaway, as well as barbecues and trips to choice hot spots like Jones Beach, Long Beach, or Fire Island.

I'm registered for the NYC Marathon, so a big part of my summer will be training in the heat to get myself up to speed.  That means some training runs will need to be either super-early in the morning, or maybe in the early evening, in order to beat the heat.  Otherwise, it's about taking it eeeeeasy and slooooow if need be, and not skimping on the hydration.

One other thing I'm doing this summer is keeping a journal.  Yes, I know, I already post a lot my thoughts and feelings up here for all the world to share.  However, there are still a few things that I like to keep private just for my own self-growth.  Like a letter home to Mom from summer camp that I never send. 

As many of you might already know, one of the best ways of getting rid of those stressful and worrisome thoughts that aren't always assuaged or preempted by aerobic endorphins is to get it all out on paper, or laptop, as the case may be.  I mean get it alllll out!  The stuff you want to say to so-and-so but can't, due to the inevitable consequences that arise from his or her artificially elevated status.  The stuff that keeps you lying awake at night.  The stuff that rubs you the wrong way and distracts you from the focal points that you should be striving for. 

Once that's out of your brain and on paper or "saved as," you're free.  Your thoughts, your attitude, and your general well-being are completely and totally free, just like us kids busting out of the school doors at 3PM on a Friday in June!  Believe me, you don't want to be stuck in "summer school" with those "left back" thoughts, fears, and stresses.  Expel them, please!

So that's my assignment, class -- consider it your "summer book report" for extra credit.  However, rather than submitting it for a grade, once September rolls around, do yourself and your thoughts a favor -- take the entries you used to really get things out of your head, and get rid of them.  Shred them if they're only on paper, and delete them if they're on your hard drive.  And DON'T email, Facebook, text, or Tweet them!  The idea is that they were temporary thoughts, and you don't need to keep them with you permanently unless you want to use them in a book one day.  And you better edit yourself wisely too . . . .

So whatever you're all doing, have an awesome summer -- and keep the heat outside in the sun, not in your head!

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