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Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Fair Sisters -- A Running Poem

Arise, you maidens and ladies.  The road, she is calling your name.

Ahead of you beckons a challenge to win, a bar to surpass, and a record to break.

So fasten you well your footwear, and stretch you well both of your legs.

The distance before you is known by the numbers, not charted or measured by daring just yet.

Your towns, your families and loved ones, some of them don't understand.

But still many more are in awe of your strength, your firm tenacity earns you respect.

And yet you dare come to this City, not so much bigger than home,

To make it your own and to leave your fair footprint, imprinted on asphalt and enshrined in concrete.

Fear not your timing or pacing, don't let it dictate all you've done.

The mere attempt to attain it at all has placed you ahead of the you that you were.

But should you yet strive to be faster, and in striving so yet gain such strength,

Then celebrate what you have won thus far, and know that such winning can only continue.

Best of luck to all the ladies of the G-Town Boot Camp Runners.  I can't wait to meet you all tomorrow!