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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Costumes

Halloween, everyone's favorite pagan holiday!  Putting on costumes, bobbing for apples, telling ghost stories, nothing but fun!

So who will you be for Halloween?  Iron Man?  Green Lantern?  President Obama?  The Rock?

Chances are you'll want to be someone who's famous, or possibly infamous.  Someone colorful, happening, and hot!  Someone cool, snazzy, and jazzy!  Someone who can be the life of the party!

That's fun.

After that's over, and November begins, who will you be then?

Maybe you could be someone who deserves to be famous, and not infamous.  Maybe you could be someone who's colorful, happening, hot, cool, snazzy, jazzy, money, etc., you get the idea.

That is to say, instead of dressing up and pretending to be someone else, you could be yourself, and be happy about it.  Maybe put on your "costume" every morning before you go to work, etc., with a few generous repetitions of the Four Pillars to get you in the right frame of mind.  Same thing in the evening if you're about to have a night on the town. 

Even if it's just going to the office, or even just going out grocery shopping.  Put on your own costume and be yourself!

The sad thing is, my father tried to give me this piece of advice, to no avail, when I was young and learned that I had a talent for imitating other people's voices.  I was a regular Rich Little (and I sometimes still am).  Any voice I heard, I could duplicate.  And while he grew to appreciate this talent, he would sometimes let me know when he'd had his fill of it and ask me, "what does your voice sound like?  And when do we get to hear it?"

So now that I'm somewhat more mature, I save the many impressions for those who will most likely be impressed by them, but I also take the opportunity to speak with my voice, and put on my costume.

So to all my friends and loved ones, particularly those who will be taking children trick or treating, have a Happy and Safe Halloween.  But starting Tuesday, put the fake costumes away, and put on your real ones!

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