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Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Fresh Start Every Day!

Hey All - about that time.

Part of the reason why we feel stressed, overwhelmed, or hopeless is because we think that every day is the same old thing.  We lament that which we are powerless to change, claim that our exhaustion prohibits us from putting forth the extra effort needed, and throw up our hands in despair.

I'm not going to say, never feel or think this.  We're human, flesh and blood, warts and all.  There is nothing wrong with thinking this, or even verbalizing it if you must.  For goodness' sake, we're not Mother Teresa!

But once you start thinking it, get ready to stop, and stop hard.  If you're not careful, the Two Minute Hate can easily become the Two Hour Quit.  It'll burn you out, sap your strength, and leave you as a shadow of your former self.  Discipline your thoughts to allow yourself no more than one or two paragraphs of "what sucks," and then, stop sucking!

This can be done any time of the day, of course, but the morning is most preferable.  If you can get your head on straight right when you wake up, when you first get in the shower, when you get dressed, and especially when you bust out the door to go out into the world, you're already miles ahead of where you'd otherwise be.  And of course, as a runner, I strongly recommend some kind of vigorous exercise once you wake up, too.  That's the best way to reduce the worry, stress, despair, or anxiety that would otherwise start you off on the wrong foot.

It's obvious that until your problems are resolved, they'll still be there after you've gotten yourself ready for the day.  However, giving yourself that fresh start every morning will allow you to realize that they're not insurmountable. 

As Betas, we sometimes think that "we're made to suffer," like C3PO said in Star Wars Episode IV; A New Hope.  It's cute and funny when a fictional protocol droid says it, but it's horrible when we do.  It's not our lot in life to suffer!  It's NOT our place to cry out to the gods to be saved from injustice.  It is our job to make it better, and make ourselves better!!!  Every day, no coasting, no squatting!