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Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Turn For The Worst

Hello All!  Watching my Jets lose to the Patriots, no shock there.

Yesterday, two NYPD police officers were murdered, no, assassinated.  Someone truly evil thought that he could earn payback for the decisions of grand juries in St. Louis County, Missouri, and Richmond County, New York, to not indict officers with homicide charges by somehow taking justice into his own hands. 

A few days before that, a major motion picture studio cancels the release of a simple-minded bro-comedy because the government of another country employed hackers to wreak havoc on its computer network.

Where have we gone wrong?!!?!?!?

Who says that the way to correct society's wrongs are to swing the pendulum the other way as hard as possible?  Exactly what problems did that approach ever solve?!?!?

And what makes us think that just giving in to someone who tries to bully us, because they "can kick our ass," is the right thing to do?

(1) CONCEDING, ABDICATING, AND APPEASING SOMEONE WITH NO AUTHORITY OVER YOU WHATSOEVER IS A HUGE MISTAKE.  It gives them carte blanche to do it over and over again, because they've been shown that no consequences will result.  This can, of course, be corrected later, but that first instance of doing so is very costly.  They have no say in what a studio in our country can or cannot produce.

(2) RESORTING TO BRUTE FORCE, OTHER THAN IN SELF-DEFENSE, IS NEVER AN ANSWER TO SOCIETY'S ILLS.  We do not live in a comic book, and we are not governed by mob rule.  Reform police procedure if you must, enact new laws and repeal old ones if you're so inclined.  NONE OF THIS "OCCUPY," NEO-HIPPIE, PSEUDO-COUNTERCULTURE, ISIS-LOVING, ANARCHIST WAY OF THINKING WILL SOLVE ANYTHING.

As beta males, we encounter very similar choices in our quest for self-fulfillment.  Do we just do as we're told, or do we make a difference?  Do we think about realistic solutions for problems that plague us, or do we turn into animals?

It doesn't take an expert to see the right decision.  It shouldn't anyway.