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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Oscar Night!

Hey All!  Hope you've all battened down the hatches for the next snowstorm -- which is apparently showing up later than expected, immobilizing some of us who are geared towards additional, if not unnecessary, preparedness.

But most importantly, it's Oscar Night.  The motion picture industry, also known as Hollywood, takes this opportunity to celebrate itself, and to honor the performances and productions that have exceeded all others in the past year.

The highlight of this evening is always the acceptance speech.  The nominee chosen, be it best actor, actress, director, or producer, will show elation and exuberance, tempered by a small amount of respect and humility.  For some of them, notwithstanding how cliche this ritual has become, for some of these winners, it truly is the greatest moment of their lives.  This is an acknowledgment that something that took all of their blood, sweat, and tears, is recognized as being exceptional, above-board, and worthy of a golden prize.  Yes, they sometimes go on too long, because there are always "so many people to thank," and there is always "get off the stage" music to prompt them off, but this is jokingly accepted as part of the show.

A fellow blogger once told me that we should live our lives as if we're the writer, director, producer, and star of our own movie.  I'd like to borrow that concept.

As beta males, we are sometimes told that we are stuck with our lot in life.  WRONG.  As the head screenwriter, you can come up with a story that proves this cop-out otherwise.

As beta males, we sometimes lack vision.  As the producer of our own movie, we have no other choice but to have a vision.  What does this movie look like?  What happens in the next scene?  What would the audience enjoy seeing?  What would YOU enjoy seeing?

As beta males, leadership roles to not come us naturally.  But as director of our own movie, we have to become leaders in one way or another.  How are we going to make these things happen?  What do we need to make things happen?  What is our plan?  What would you LIKE to plan?

As beta males, we have been deceived into believing that we are suited only for supporting roles.   Oh please!  You are the star of this movie, and don't anyone else tell you otherwise.  This story is all about you, nobody else, and don't you forget it!

You can re-write the script at any time.  You can ad-lib.  You can change locations.  You can change characters.  Oh right, that reminds me, you're also the casting director.  That means you get to pick who is in this movie, and who's not!  NEVER FORGET THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO DO THIS AT ANY TIME DURING PRODUCTION!

And while you're working on this movie, imagine . . . wouldn't you like this film to win an Oscar?  Or several?  Wouldn't you want people to recognize what's in your movie, and applaud it?  Wouldn't you like the story to be inspiring?  The acting to be not just believable, but real?  A production that people would be willing to stand in line to see?

Make your own movie, and make it a winner.  True, you may be nominated and not actually win the award, but make it a winner anyway.  And you'll know it's a winner if you're living like a winner.

That's my piece, everyone.  Enjoy the Oscars!