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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Crossing Bridges

Here in New York City, the Five Boroughs are connected by bridges.  The Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Williamsburg Bridges connect Brooklyn with Manhattan.  The Whitestone Bridge connects Queens with the Bronx.  The Verrazano Narrows Bridge connects Brooklyn with Staten Island.  And of course, the 59th Street Queensborough Bridge connects Queens with Manhattan.

The bridges are suspended over wide and deep rivers.  Likewise, the destinations we need to reach are also separated by large obstacles, and connections are needed.

(1).  A river of resentment and unresolved anger may lie between us and emotional maturity.  Build a bridge of self-forgiveness.
(2).  A deep pit of fear, guilt, and doubt may lie between us and self-confidence.  Build a bridge of courage and bravery.
(3).  A chasm of distractions and burdens may lie between us and our goals.  Build a bridge of focus and discipline.
(4).  A bottomless pit of self-defeating habits and patterns may lie between us and good judgment.  Build a bridge of knowledge and experience.
(5).  An ocean of self-hatred and hopelessness may lie between us and self-actualization.  Build a strong, unbreakable, and indestructible bridge of self-love.

Never think that any of the above obstacles, which are often self-imposed to begin with, are permanent.  They aren't unless you choose not to traverse over them.

Thanks All.  Tonight's post was inspired by someone I know who has constructed and traversed many bridges over seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  Everyone should follow the example.

It is also inspired by the pedestrian walkways found on most of the above bridges.  If you've never taken the, before, make sure you don't stop until you're clear on the other side.  Stopping prematurely would be . . . "terrible."

Night All!