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Monday, April 15, 2013

Now They Made It Personal.

The Boston Marathon is a time-honored tradition.  Every year on Patriot's Day, only those who can qualify with some of the best times in the world are eligible to add another impressive time to their records.  It is a coveted race, one in which the very best in our sport take part in to celebrate this sport.  Today, this tradition was forever blackened.

Thank G-D, nobody I know who was in Boston today was hurt.  Still, there are three confirmed deaths, one of which was an 8-year old child, and many people who suffered horrific injuries.

When the Batman shooting happened in Colorado, I deemed it a comics hate crime.  Here, nobody knows who did this or why.  But was this a running hate crime?  I've had to listen to running backlash every so often around marathon time in NYC, but would anyone seriously try to damage our sport by doing this?  Is this really what happened?  Hard to say, but the next time I hear someone give me that stupid "Run, Forrest, Run," when I'm our there, I may be a lot less likely to shrug it off.

Intentional or not, this was a slap in the face to our sport.  Who thinks they can desecrate the most prestigious marathon in the US, kill and hurt innocent people, and just slip away quietly?  How dare they turn an occasion to celebrate living life to the fullest into a bloodbath?


I leave that to the proper authorities.  Thank G-D there were already enough of them on hand to provide security to begin with.  Thank G-D they were prepared enough to provide desperately needed first aid.  But who can be fully prepared for this?

It appears that most races will now have to beef up security anywhere near the start and finish lines of every major race.  Hell, we may even need to get so paranoid that we'll need a sharpshooter at every mile marker!

OK, that's an exaggeration, but I think most race organizers are going to have to make the proceedings less fun and care-free, thanks to these useless fools!  Movie goers and comic book fans obviously can't take their safety for granted anymore, neither can we runners or supporters of running.

Thanks a lot, whoever you are.  I hope you get found, I hope you get convicted, and I hope your life behind bars makes you sorry you were ever born!!!!!!!!!!!!!!