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Sunday, April 14, 2013


Hey All --

Had another one of those perfect weekends, all.  Home to sleep early on Friday night, nice long run in Central Park on Saturday, out late with a friend of mine on Saturday night, and just chillin' today.

But part of this perfect weekend included a most intense movie that just premiered, called "Disconnect."  I recommend that everyone who even occasionally uses social medial to check this one out!

There are three concurrent plots involving (a) cyber-bullying; (b) identity theft; and (c) Internet porn.  I won't spoil either of these three plots, but I will say that they send the following powerful messages about protecting oneself online:

(1) Once you post, email, tweet, or FB something, it's out there and you usually CAN'T take it back.
(2) If it's in the wrong hands, it WILL be used against you.
(3) Not everyone on FB or Twitter is who they claim to be.
(4) Some people live secret lives online that are meant to remain secret.

It's only too easy to reveal personal details about our lives and our loved ones' lives.  If you choose to do so, make sure it's someone that you absolutely trust, and not a total stranger.  And even then, be careful anyway.

Make sure your browser history is automatically deleted when you close your browser, that you don't store passwords or bank account numbers, and that passwords are never stored.

Will this make the online experience somewhat less exciting?  Yes.  But it could also protect your assets, your family, your reputation, and your home!

As I've said before, just think first, and choose your words wisely (thanks again, Dad)!  Ask yourself, do I really want everyone to see me post this?  If it's only something meant for one or two people, consider using older methods of communication to get it to them.

And definitely see this movie -- it'll shock you to the core!  Of course, it helps when you see it with a friend of mine, like I did.  ;)

Night all -- Monday tomorrow!  And thanks to everyone in Russia who's been reading my Thanksgiving post from 2011!