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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Second Chances?

Good evening, all.

Tonight is the season premiere of my favorite reality show, Celebrity Apprentice (All-Star Edition).

Actually, to clarify, it was my favorite reality show when it was just simply "The Apprentice," and the contestants were self-styled entrepreneurs who wanted to be hired to run one of Donald Trump's companies for a year.  That spoke to me, and much of the remaining white-collar world, as the thought of being called to the boardroom by a boss like Trump, forced to either admit a screw-up, or blame someone else for one, and endure the threat of job loss was a real and tangible fear that most of us suit-and-tie types always dealt with. Of course, all of reality TV is manipulated to the extent that it's no longer reality, but that scenario was the type of show that most of America could relate with.

But Celebrity Apprentice?  Whose idea was this?  These aren't job applicants looking to be a big cheese by working for a big cheese -- they're former celebrities who aren't messed up enough to be on Celebrity Rehab, or cool enough to be on Dancing With The Stars!  They don't actually get hired and fired, which was the original series' selling point, they just get into bitching wars "for charity!"  Jeez Louise, what's the sense?

The answer, my friends, is a-blowin' this way:  People love second chances, and sometimes thirds.  Even long after someone's day in the sun is over (Rodman no longer rebounding, Bret Michaels no longer selling out the big arenas with Poison, Aubrey O'Day doing whatever made people like her before she turned into such a b---- last year), these shows apparently give them a chance to shine once more.  Whether they screw it up and act like Charlie Sheen on another coke binge is up to them, but these people made their livelihood by entertaining us in some fashion.  When those are the skills that pay the bills, it's a little hurtful to think that one day they won't.  Some of them really do need another chance to shine -- and in the case of last year's champ, Arseniooooooooooooooooooooo Hall, it can lead to a chance to completely start over again, even better than in the '90s!

So those of you all who are into this show, don't let me stop you.  And remember, one day you may be looking for a Second Chance to dust off your old uniform to play a new game, too!

Night All -- hope you remembered to Spring Forward!