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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Recognition -- How Sweet It Is, and Thank You!

Hey All!

This homegrown hobby of mine, this blog, has been around for just a few years now.  Every Sunday night, I've transformed myself into an armchair philosopher, a would-be preacher, a home-bound Anthony Robbins, a running guru, an apolitical humorist, and by a few people's accounts, "the best thing on Facebook (their words, not mine)."

And yet, after this short period of time sharing my thoughts with the rest of all y'all, someone has seen fit to honor me as a "Very Inspiring Blogger":  Just check it out!

Those of you who read my St. Patrick's Day post from last week can see this award also posted in the Comments section.

First and foremost, a great deal of thanks is owing to the fellow blogger who saw fit to honor me.  However, there are a few rules I must abide by upon receipt of this award:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.
Well, if the URL I've posted above results in the logo being displayed, I'm cool.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
No problem there:
Now this blog is inspirational on many different levels -- this author is a real survivor who recounts times of hardship and drama that she has overcome, and continues to overcome, with vivid imagery and a wild sense of humor.  I encourage all of my readers to check her out!
3. State 7 things about yourself.
(1) I'm an attorney from NYC reaching what could be the pinnacle of my career.
(2) I'm a marathon runner looking for a new PR.
(3) I am 40 years young, and starting a brand new chapter in my life.
(4) I have become more selective as to who gets invited into my life, and accordingly have implemented a no-bozo, no-bully, no-a$$#ole policy to ensure that only those trustworthy enough are granted access.
(5) I seek to dispense self-improvement and self-fulfillment advice to those who need it, and am open to learn advice from others who dispense similar wisdom.
(6) I use social networking to reignite and resuscitate old friendships, and to make brand spanking new ones even better.
(7) I am much quieter and more reserved in real life than I am in my posts and my videos, but who I am is for real!
4. Nominate 7 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
OK, small problem there -- I don't know 7 other bloggers.
But I can still nominate those that I do know of:
(1)  Dr. Benjamin Leichtling sets forth strategies, and an opportunity for private coaching, to eliminate bully at school for children, and at work for adults.
(2)  For all the blogging entrepreneurs out there, this man has tons of advice on how to break free and set up your own brand!
(3)  Hans Hallanger offers great personal development advice for men, especially those recently divorced or about to be divorced.
(4)  Hans' other blog focuses on keeping things organized and orderly to improve your life (one blogger, two blogs -- does this count?).
(5)  A sportswriter for the Buffalo News, who also happens to be a triathlete, writes very inspirational messages for female athletes and those seeking self-fulfillment.
That's all I got . . . .
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

Will do!

So once again, I thank the author of Proportions In Life for giving me this award, and recommend her writing to all of my readers -- and the same recommendation is made for the five above blogs as well.  We're a rare breed, those of us willing to write down our thoughts and opinions for all the world to read, exposed to opposition and criticism, because what we say just matters.  Let's all continue to honor, support, and respect each other.