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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

But What If It's Me?

Good question, all.  Some of us are annoying, and they know it, too.

So how do we keep our own irritating tendencies in check without sacrificing our individuality?

(1) If you have to ask, "Am I being annoying," then you are, plain and simple.  Just be honest with yourself first.

(2)  Don't admit that you're being annoying to anyone else, though.  Some people take that as an invitation to declare open season on you and your annoying tendencies!  And if you say, "yes, I know, I'm being annoying," and then you persist in doing exactly that which is annoying?  Hell, even I'd have problems with you!

(3)  The far better approach is to ask.  Have I crossed a line somewhere?  Is there something you're not happy with?  Is there something I could do to rectify the situation?  Don't assume or admit, just communicate as to what the other party is thinking.

Granted, there is still a risk that the other party could unload on you.  But at least if you're showing a little good faith, and a desire to not be annoying, it's far more likely that you'll earn some respect.

And even if they're far too polite to tell you what you do that burns their biscuits, chances are you already know.  And so you reach your crossroads:

(A)  Can you stop what it is that's pissing people off?  Not if it means you can't be yourself, but yes if you're being something you're not.

(B)  Is their annoyance legitimate?  Not if all you're doing is being you, but yes if you're harming someone, or making them feel really uncomfortable.

Bottom line is, some people just won't forgive annoyances.  If they can't, then just move on.  But even if it's a good idea to keep your annoying tendencies under control, I'll quote myself from a recent Facebook observation:  a true friend is someone who doesn't mind that you repeat catch phrases too often.

Hope you enjoyed the Hump-Day bonus, peeps.