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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Black Thursday?

Hi All.

Missed ya last week, due to the Super Bowl.  And as great as that game was, I still owe you a Double Portion.  So here goes.  :)

This coming Thursday is a very confusing day.  It apparently originated as a saint's day in the Catholic Church, but it has now become an annual boon to the greeting card industry, the florist industry, and sometimes the jewelry industry.  It may have an underlying theme of celebrating the passion and the beauty of romantic love, but others have made into yet another obligatory gift-giving holiday, even for those who are not significant others -- not to say they're insignificant, of course, but they're not as significant as spouses or partners, if that makes any sense.

When I was younger, all the single people I knew would jokingly label Valentine's Day as "Black [insert day of week that February 14th fell on here].  Well, since I happen to be in that category this year, looks like I'll be reviving that old tradition.

I will most likely be wearing all black to work, even to Court appearances.  If anyone asks, I'll smile and do my best Johnny Cash concert introduction for them.  I may even do a parody of Folsom Prison Blues specifically for unattached gentlemen such as myself.  I can still have some fun with it, after all, even if it is Black Thursday.

However, a very good friend of mine recently cautioned me that I might be taking the occasion a bit too far.  Holidays like this sometimes deceive us into believing that the grass is somehow greener in someone else's front yard.  Well, my friend is certainly right -- just because other people may have a more traditional reason to celebrate Valentine's Day, that doesn't necessarily mean that they're winning something over those that don't have that reason to celebrate.  It also doesn't necessarily mean that they're so much happier than those that aren't celebrating either.  And more importantly, there's nothing that says next year won't be different.

As is often the case, my good friend is very wise.  This year, I may be marking February 14th as Johnny Cash, but next year I may be marking it as Barry White.  And for those of you who have heard my impressions of both fallen stars, you'll see that they're actually quite similar -- who knew?  Still, it'd be interesting to spend one year as a Man in Black, and another year as a guru of loooooooove, behbeh.  Oh yeah.

So for those of you celebrating Valentine's Day in the traditional manner, I wish you what the late Heavy D referred to as, "nothin' but love."  And for those of us who won't be, let's just remember that our time will come.  Maybe not on that date specifically, but usually when we've got our mind on other things and just acting naturally, it'll just happen.  And that's a proven fact that any deceased singer can attest to!

Have a nice weekend, all!