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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Alone Decide

From my darkened and fortified sanctum, from my secret and covert lair,
I watch over all in the world that's mine, I survey my territory far and broad.

I sit high above in my high far tower, rotating and observing my domain below,
Observing all that moves, stretches and transforms, my agents are my faithful eyes and ears.

The data from below is infinite, if I were able I'd digest it every waking hour,
Authority reaching over all that I see, my fiefdom and empire, mine for the taking.

Loyalty and honor the sole requirements, to enter and stay, lest they should dissipate,
Dissent is accepted, in reasonable doses, lest it flame into rebellion, never tolerated.

Only those with respect are admitted here, no blowhards or loudmouths may benefit,
Criticism is only accepted if constructive, cross-examination is strongly discouraged.

Through struggle and strife was my land made free, liberated from the old regime,
Defend and protect it at all costs is a rule hard to translate to times of peace.

So even if my realm is clean and pure, who's there who can share it with me?
Lonely at the top is an understatement, this throne has room for more than one seat.

Who can match my commands and desires with the common sense that I've missed?
Who can soothe my my doubts and fears, and make me more human than ruler?

Queen Esther wisened up the emperor of Persia, Evita brought about a New Argentina,
Josephine charmed the Little General, and Dagny Taggart found who was John Galt.

Who, like them, can match me as an equal, and not be as a taskmaster or a maid?
Who can understand me on all levels, and who can I understand exactly the same?

Who can help me choose my words wisely, and not hastily, when they count the most?
Who can I speak to without fear and worry, but instead with trust and confidence?

The choice is mine, and I will choose wisely, no following or abdicating will come from me,
And even if the choice is mine alone to make, the choice to be alone is my last resort.