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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Making Do.

Hey all!  Sorry I haven't been present lately, but my laptop is on the fritz.  Sooo, here I am, making do with my Droid.  It won't let me start a new paragraph, but that's better than no post at all.  As those of you who follow me on Facebook may be aware, I just moved, so that sometimes disrupts routine.  But now that I've found a way to "make do," I'm back on track.  By way of extension, it's always a challenge to adapt to inconvenience, delay, discomfort, deprivation, or more significant life changes.  Maybe your flight got canceled, maybe the judge was sleeping through your whole argument (or just ignored you), or maybe someone that you think is annoying got even more annoying, but you still have to be nice to them.  What to do?  You could whine, pout, stew, steam, or mouth off with the intention of starting more drama.  Or . . . you could find a reason to enjoy the experience anyway.  If the judge won't listen to you, the appellate panel will enjoy reading your fully-developed argrument before reversing him.  If annoying guy doesn't see you become annoyed, he may actually wake up and stop being annoying.  And then again, one of my favorite examples for us guys:   Ever get stuck at a party where all the "bad boys" are getting loud?  Well, The sweet chick at the party who gets bored by all the "bad boys" running their mouths might actually be more interested in a "nice guy" like you - my experience from New Year's Eve 1989-1990 proves this!