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Monday, March 5, 2012

Some Just Don't Understand

This week, a well-known political commentator crossed the line.

An issue has arisen whether employers should be compelled to subsidize employee's requests for contraceptives.  The more conservative elements are against this compulsion, since many employers believe that there should never be a reason for contraception on religious grounds.  This is all well and good, but some of these employers need to remember that not all of their employees (unless the employer is a religious organization itself) have the same religious beliefs.  This is why employers already allow some employees to take personal days for religious observances that are not shared by that employer.

Moreover, the comments made by Rush Limbaugh are a perfect example of the height of bullying.  He may not think that employers should pay for contraception, but his branding of a woman who testified before Congress as a "slut" who "wants to be paid to have sex" is a thousand times more disgusting than the very act he describes. 

If anything, that's the type of comment you would expect from an overbearing relative with too much to say, in private.  Not from a public figure who caters to an audience expecting him to berate and belittle those who disagree with him.  There are more honorable ways to take a position than to personally attack your opponent.

DISCLAIMER -- the above is not an endorsement for or against an employee's right to contraception.  That's a personal matter for all people to individually decide.  It instead is a comment against high-handed, abrasive, bullying comments made against those who deserve more respect and less judgment.

In that same vein, it's been suggested to me that my blog has been a little bit too preachy.  Since I lack counselling credentials, it's been suggested that my posts sometimes take on a holier-than-thou tone.  Given the way Mr. Limbaugh unloaded on this woman, I've started to realize that I don't want this blog to ever move in that direction.

With that, I put it to you, my readers.  Would you prefer to see more anti-bullying rhetoric, or would you like to see some more feel-good happiness?  Your input is always welcome and appreciated.